Hey guys! It is I, Magic Fire, a new author here on Happy Leopard’s Poptropica Blog! 😛 HL said that she was looking for some help, so here I am! Here’s some information about myself:

I’m Magic Fire (wait, I already said that didn’t I), but you can call me MF or Magic, or really whatever you want. Well, I’ve been playing Poptropica for about 3 years now and started blogging about it in December. I have my own blog, The Poptropica Package, which almost has 100 followers! Go ahead, be the 100th. ;p ^_^  My username, if you want to friend me or look at my costume of something, it’s pop123tropica15. 😉 I know it’s strange, don’t judge. 😛 I like pizza, drawing and reading. Well, that seems about like all you need to know about me.

So, thank you for inviting me to be part of this blog, Happy Leopard! I’ll try to make it the best that I can! 😀



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