Poptropica Costume Contest!

Hey guys! HL here! Today, i’m holding a costume contest! Please show me your costume in the comments below. I’ll pick three winners. Here’s the prizes

1st place: A rare item of their choice in my closet

2nd place: A rare dummy of their choice

3rd place: My main outfit Avatar Studio Glitch

Those are the prizes. You might remember my main outfit from my first blog post. Now here’s the rules.

1. No saying people’s costumes sucks.

2. Be creative! Don’t copy another person’s costume.

3. Don’t brag about your costume being the rarest.

Remember, the whole point of this contest is to have fun and be creative. 😀 You may use Screenshot (if you have it) or the Poptropica Avatar Studio. Note: if you don’t have Screenshot and you use the Avatar Studio, you’re not allowed to take off the costume until the contest ends. The contest end on October 31 so you have the whole month to pick a costume. Don’t forget to name your costume! I’ll post the winners on the end of the contest. I hope to get alot of entries! Bye guys! 😀



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