About The Staff

Happy Leopard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bio:I’m Happy Leopard. But my friends just call me HL :mrgreen: ok so I started Poptropica in 2nd grade. I love writing, and drawing and playing video games like Minecraft and all of that. I also love reading books. I had a few lost accounts back then but now i use this one. 😀  I have my own blog but its not exactly ready yet. i collect comic books and playing with my pet cat. I’m kinda rare on poptropica just check my closet you’ll see. I also like to post island guides , costumes, and glitches. I know a lot of glitches that I find on Youtube. Well I guess this is it. Later guys! 😉  -HL P.S check out my new Tinypic accout! http://tinypic.com/Happyleopard

Grumpy Wolf


I am Grumpy Wolf, but my friends call me GW. I started poptropica in 3rd grade. I like playing outdoors, (especially dodge ball) and I like playing football with my friends. I used to create a new account every time I played Poptropica, and the only thing I did was beat 24 Carrot Island. But ever since I found out about rares, I have spent a lot of time obtaining them. I also play Minecraft, and a few other games, like Landmark, Ace of Spades, Garry’s Mod, etc. My dream is to eventually get Happy Eyes, Angry Eyes (obtained), and the Friend Ceg.

Grumpy Wolf


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