Come look at BD’s new blog! 😀


New header!

Hey guys! HL here! Today I made a new header for my blog. I used the Snipping Tool to crop my character for my header. I wanted her to hold up her Lighting Bolt but it didn’t work. Then I saved it and got it on Paint. I typed the words I wanted her to say. It did turn out good. This is my first banner I made so don’t say it sucks. This is all for today by guys!


Halloween party recap

Hi guys! HL here! Yesterday there was a Halloween party. Lots of people came. Here are some screenshots. Credit goes to Ayman and Short Leaf. We had so much fun! Hope all you guys who came had fun. Bye guys!


And our last picture. I forgot what that guy’s name was again. :xd:

Fast Shadow and Short Leaf came too.

Incredible Lion and Nice Dragon.

This is what happened on the PHC when I told everyone to say Happy Halloween.

We got another visitor. His name is Sticky Burger.

The one on the left is Slippery Crumb (I have no idea who he is :p). The one in the middle is Young Hippo (Ayman). The one on the right is me.

We got another visitor. I forgot who he was. :p

Halloween Party!

I didn’t tell you guys this yet. But I decided to open a Halloween Party! I hope you guys all come and have fun! Here’s the room code: BLF36 enjoy! Note: I’ll post a recap on my blog tommorrow. Room codes: BLF36, BKS44

Just for fun. 😛

Happy Halloween! Plus Costume Contest winners!

Hi guys! HL here! It’s Halloween! Today the deadline for my costume contest is here. We did some voting on my chat. We all voted for our favorites. Here are the winners!

1st place: Char’s Monkey Pirate http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bT25zMmFTYVc1elpXTjBiMmxrWjNWNQ%3D%3D

2nd place: Super Star’s Vampire Queen http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bRTBmcExDVTJ0NU1qQTROVGs9

3rd place: Brave Dolphin’s Mad Man http://prntscr.com/4xb7nm

Those are the winners! Good job on winning guys! There is always next year. So if you didn’t win you can enter next year! This is all for today! Bye guys! And Happy Halloween!


The true story of me 1,000 blog hit special

Hey everyone! HL here! Today I’m gonna give you guys the true story of me. This is for getting 1,000 blog hits! Thanks guys!

So it started back when I was in 2nd grade. I didn’t know what Poptropica was back then. One day, a girl that I sat in front of in class was talking about Poptropica. I asked her “what’s Poptropica?” when she told me about it I decided to give it a try. When I created my first account, I played with it for a while until I stopped playing with that account. I forgot the username and password for that account. A few years of more new accounts and lost accounts, I decided to make a account that I would try to keep. I named it Happy Leopard. It turned out great! I stopped playing with that account for a few months. But I came back to playing with it later in the year. In 2014, I came to the PHC for the first time. A few days of hanging out there, I met some new friends like Icy Fox, and Sticky Burger. They were very nice to me. But one day, Sticky Burger had to full Zeus costume! I asked him how he got it and he told me. He even told me how to get the E.vile helmet! Then all of a sudden I met Smart Sky. He helped me get rare too. Then my friend, Icy Fox helped me make a WordPress account. My blog did turn out great. And that’s how I got into Poptropica. Bye guys!


Costume contest ends soon

Hi everyone! HL here. Today I need to tell you guys my costume contest ends in five days. We got some more entries. Thank you guys for the entries! But we can use more entries than the ones we have now. You can find my costume contest post in my older posts below. Scroll down till you see it. I love your guys entries so far! Remember I’ll have the authors and editors vote to on my chat. We’ll pick three winners. Here are the prizes again.

1st place: A item of their choice from my closet

2nd place: A rare dummy

3rd place: My main outfit

I guess this is all for today! Bye guys!


Poptropicon: Spoiler Alert for members, Arabian Nights for everyone.

Hi guys! IT’s me HL and today, a new episode of Poptropicon just released! (sadly I can’t play it because someone hacked me and canceled my membership. 😦 ) And today, Arabian Nights is now for everyone! 😀 I had to help my friend finish it today. I hope I get my membership back and play Poptropicon episode 2. If you guys finished Poptropicon: Spoiler Alert, let me know what it’s like in the comments because I really want to play it. So, let’s hope I get my membership back and play poptropicon: Spoiler Alert. I guess this is it. Bye guys!


Poptropica Lands available to everyone!

Hey guys! HL here! And guess what? Poptropica Lands is now available to everyone! Awesome huh? It’ll be available to everyone for a limited time only. So hurry and build what you want for the contest now! And there’s a contest. I love contests. 😈 Just kidding! I might enter a haunted house for the contest. I hope it turns out good for the contest. You guys might do a good job too! So here’s the themes at the bottom of this sentence. We might win or not. I wish you guys good luck! Bye guys! 😉