Prize code

  • So , in this post , I won’t copy-paste , like the others time , so I wrote this post with my mind ! And this is just a fun fact . Maybe not so funny , but you got it!

So , I saw the Creators have posted some news , a code to get 200 credits free ! just 24 hours available  , so what you need to do , is : To log in ,copy this code SURPRIZEME ,open the Shop , and it’s a toolbar , where you copy-paste the  code AND YOU’RE READY!


We’re giving Poptropicans a raise!

You work hard to complete Poptropica Islands. For years now, your reward for finishing an Island has been the same: a sweet medallion, and 50 credits.

One of those things changes today.

We’re increasing the number of credits you get for finishing an Island. Starting now, completing an Island for the first time will earn you 150 credits. That’s right: three times more than before!

That’s 150 credits you can put to use in the Poptropica Store to buy costumes, powers, items, and more. If you’ve had your eye on a special item, now it’s easier than ever to earn enough credits to get it.

Visit Poptropica now to enjoy your newfound wealth.

(And if you want unlimited use of everything in the Poptropica store, don’t forget to check out the benefits of Membership!)

In just over one week, the Mystery is open to all!

Thousands of Poptropica Members have already discovered the Mystery of the Map on Mystery of the Map Island, and one week from this Thursday everyone else will be able to join them. That’s because Mystery of the Map Island becomes available to everyone on Thursday, June 11!

If you don’t want to wait that long, become a Member so you can play the full adventure today. Membership also entitles you to two exclusive costumes from the Poptropica Store!

We’ll let you know the moment Mystery of the Map Island is opened to everyone on June 11. In the meantime, you can also play a limited demo on Poptropica right now!

Mystery of the Map Island is now online!

Early Access to Mystery of the Map Island is now available to Poptropica Members.Become a Member now to play the full adventure!

Non-Members can play a limited demo before Mystery of the Map Island becomes available to all on June 11.

Keep up with the top finishers on our Mystery of the Map Island World Champions live map.

If you’re stuck, watch our official walkthrough!

Adventure awaits. Visit Poptropica now to play Mystery of the Map Island!

Get your FREE Mega Dog costume!

Today’s a huge day. Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway is now available from Amazon and other fine book retailers!

You can play the Galactic Hot Dogs Island for free on Poptropica.

We’re also celebrating by giving away a FREE Mega Dog costume! Just enter the promo code GHDBOOK to get yours.

(Not sure how to enter a promo code?)

Enjoy your new Mega Dog costume, and make sure to try that Jupiter Jolt Sauce!

The mega Poptropica app update!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The mega Poptropica app update is now available!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled graphic novel with this urgent news bulletin: our massive new update to the Poptropica app is now available! This update includes:

  • Shrink Ray Island
  • Six costume bundle packs
  • The Multiplayer Arcade!

Of course, this update is available to you absolutely FREE.

Download the Poptropica app for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Download the Poptropica app for your Android Tablet or Phone.

Don’t delay! Download it today!

New in the Poptropica Store: Biome Hats!

New in the Poptropica Store are seven hats representing the best of Poptropica Realms. The Biome Hats are custom headwear inspired by each of the environments you can explore in Realms.

As in Realms itself, five of these hats are available free for everyone to enjoy. Poptropica Members get two exclusive hats.

Head to Poptropica now to get your Biome Hats!

Academy flight song

You don’t need help from the Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration to reach the stars, although if you visit PASE headquarters on Main Street of Lunar Colony and watch a short video, you’ll find a brand new way to blast off. Girls get wings, and boys get a follower. Both get to sprinkle pixie dust!

Head to Poptropica and load up Lunar Colony to get yours.

Members, check out Poptropica Realms now!

The next stage is here: Poptropica Realms is now open to Poptropica Members. Get ready to explore, destroy, and create like never before. Save your Realms, share them with the Creators, and set sail for the outer limits of your imagination!

Visit Poptropica now to make your own Realms!

Non-Members, fear not: you don’t have long to wait before you can start exploring and creating. We’ll let you know just as soon as it’s available!