ShortLeaf is back!

Hello, If anyone still visits this blog, I’m back.

I have a new blog, wordpress, everything.

my new wordpress is

I also have an poptropica store, XAT chat, YouTube channel, and much more coming soon.

You can find all that on the wordpress, soon.

Hopefully you’ll check out my new blog!



Who’s SL?

Who’s SL?

I’m SL, former poptropica “famous” guy or whatever you might say.. Most of you remember me, some don’t. but I’m a poptropica glitcher, I love getting the rare stuff 🙂.

If you need to contact me for any reason I’m always online at

I have skype @ hayden8001

and I also run a minecraft youtube channel which you guys can check out.



Here are some of my poptropica accounts: