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(Note: HLPB stands for: Happy Leopard Poptropica Blog)


1. No cursing

2. No Smiley Spaming (4 smileys or up)

3. No flooding (5 messages and up)

4. If you’re a mod or owner don’t abuse your power by banning and kicking people randomly

5. Don’t be inappropriate or post Screamer links or videos like Scary Maze, Creepypastas, etc.

More rules coming soon!


Guest Pawn Guest: A guest is somebody that just joined a chat. Guests can’t post links until they reach the next rank.

Member Pawn Member: A member is a higher rank than a guest. Members can post links and Youtube videos for others to see. Members are also active and friendly people that deserved this rank.

Moderator Pawn Mod: A mod is someone who is very active and friendly. Mods watch out for trouble in a chat. Mods are also trustworthy people who deserved this rank.

Owner Pawn Owner: A owner is the highest rank of them all. A owner is a very active and friendly person who deserved this rank. Owners also own this chat (which is easy to point out 😛 )

Others: Red pawns are people that are currently offline. Brown pawns are people that are currently banned from the chat. You can also purchase colored pawns with real money.

Things you might find one their pawns: You may find some strange things on their pawns like stars, caps, and other strange things here’s what they are: Black stars mean that whoever that person is is registered. Gold stars means whoever that person is a subscriber. Other crazy things mean that whoever that person is a subscriber and costumized their pawn with codes that you can enter when you edit your name. A circle and a slash mean that person is gagged and can’t talk.



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