Cheats, and Promo Codes

Keyboard Cheats!

Press Ctrl shift and 1 to laugh

Press Ctrl Shift and 2 to cry

Press Ctrl Shift and 3 to do a angry emote

Press Ctrl Shift and 4 to jump for joy

Press Ctrl Shift R to randomize your character

Press Ctrl Shift S to change your skin color

Press Ctrl Shift H to change your hair color

Press Ctrl Shift P to get a pumpkin mask

Press Shift F12 to get a little box at the bottom of the screen where you can type in messages

Press S to skip a character’s dialogue when he/she is talking (Note: Doesn’t work on SUI – Sound-Updated Islands)

Promo Codes


SKULLBOOK – Skull Pirtate Costume


Nabooti Cell Phone Codes

  • Nerd Outfit: 1337
  • Santa Hat and Sack: 1225
  • Brain Hat: 411
  • Police Outfit: 911

Cat Costume

1. Go to Spy Island

2. Go to the right till you see a black cat

3. Click on the cat then quickly go to your friends list

4. Click on your first friend

5. Now scroll down right for 20 seconds

6. Click the costumize button on your right (it looks like a blue shirt)

7. Then the cat should pop up then you can costumize the cats ears and whiskers!

Mr. Yoshi’s Costumes

(Note: you must first complete Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrrific Challenge to do this)

1. Go to Game Show Island

2. Go to your items

3. Use the Jet Remote Control

4. Go to Tokyo

4. Play Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge

5. Choose which costume you want a bay, chicken, or bowling ball

6. Choose your costume then press Ctrl Shift and S to change your skin color

7. Play the rest of the challenge

8. Then when you’re done you should be wearing the costume you picked out!


rare mouths

friend poptropicamouth 1-23

custimize it

More cheats coming soon!





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