Early Poptropica

First when you go on the island, head to your right. Ignore that follower behind me. It might get in the way of my walkthrough.


Keep going till you see a sign that says “Early Poptropica” head that way. Now keep going right until you see a well. We’ll talk to the pixel men later. But if you decide to talk to them. They’ll tell that three of their most treasured items are stolen. We need a pig, a bucket of water, and a flag.


Climb the rope. Keep jumping on the platforms on the left. Once you reached the upper-left, you should see a glow stick grab it.

Now run to your right. Climb up the rope. Once your out of the well, go back to main street. You should find a fire hydrant next to a manhole.


Go in the manhole. You should be in a room full of spiders. Try to avoid the spiders and make your way down the bottom. Try to avoid the big spider too by jumping over it. Head to your right. You should see a pixel pig. Grab the pig then… AAAHHH!!! A giant spider goes crazy and starts tossing you in the air! Try to make it to the left and avoid the giant spider. You should see a tunnel once you made it. And guess what? You have to go in it.


This is what the spider looks like.

Once you got in the tunnel. You should be holding a glow stick you got from the well. And oh no, a maze! Don’t worry you should be fine! Run to the left and climb the first rope you see. Jump off the rope to your right and keep running. You’ll see another rope. Ignore it. When you reach the wall, there will be another rope. Climb up the rope. Then jump towards the left. You’ll find a shiny golden egg.

Short cut

There are two ways to exit the tunnel. Just retrace your way back down and exit the manhole you came from. Then run to your left till you reach the Poptropica Towers.

Long cut

For this one, all you have to do is resurface in the Poptropica Towers Manhole.

Jump to the right after you got the golden egg. Continue to run to the right. Whe you reach the wall, climb up the rope and jump off to the left. Run again until you reach another rope. Climb up it. Jump off to your left. You’ll see another rope, climb up it. This time your arrow will say Go Up.  Click and you’re in the Poptropica Towers!

Jump up the windowsills  and the clothing lines until you reach a blue building. You’ll see a vine. Climb up it.

Bonus: When you see the orange and yellow flower on the green building, hover your cursor around the window and click when your cursor changes. You’ll get a awesome Hypnotic Costume!


After you climbed up the vine, you’ll be in a Could Realm. Run to the right until you see a giant club blocking the way. Click the giant purple feet and you’ll give the purple giant the golden egg. Hey no far I wanted to sell that! Now the purple giant will say.

Because you give me that which I seek, I lift my club and you may proceed.

The giant will lift his club. Now go right. You’ll be in a garden filled with giant veggies! Climb up the rake and jump on the veggie and drop down. You’ll see a pixel bucket. Grab it and head to your right.


You’ll end up in a UFO graveyard. Float along the whirling machines. You’ll find a Jet Pack. Once you got it. You’ll automatically put it on the moment you got it. Go back all the way to Poptropica Towers. Head to main street. Once you got to main street, fly up the water tower. You’ll see a pixel flag. Grab it.


Head to your right. Go to Early Poptropica. Give the pixel men what they need. Give the pig to the man standing next to the pigpen. Give the water to the pixel man standing next to the well. Now give the flag to the man on top of the tower. A ship should appear by the dock. Talk to the pixel man in the ship and he’ll give you a medal! Yay you just beated Early Poptropica!

He’ll even give you 50 credits! I hoped this walkthrough helped. Bye guys!



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